Guest Post: Vegetarian and Vegan Dining in NYC

As I have only just returned from the big city, I thought it timely to showcase a fellow blogger and friend who writes a fantastic blog on nutrition, exercise, life in NYC, along with an occasional clothing montage. She’s over at Lilveggiepatch, and I encourage you all to check out her blog. 

Hi Persnickety readers!  My name is Katie and I write a little blog called Lilveggiepatch, where I share my life, loves, and culinary fare here in New York City.  I’m here today to share some of my favorite vegetarian and vegan eats around the city.  Enjoy!

Peacefood Café (460 Amsterdam Avenue) is one of my favorite places to eat, vegetarian or not.  (All of the menu items are 100% vegan.)  The vibe inside is relaxed and tranquil, and all of the staff seems genuinely happy to be working.  They have several killer menu items, most notably the Japanese pumpkin sandwich with caramelized onions, ground walnuts, mixed greens and cashew cheese.  Order this with a side of chickpea fries and Peacefood will be on your mind for weeks. 

Caravan of Dreams (405 East 6th Street) is a vegan and partly raw restaurant in the East Village.  They have really interesting salads, like this omega: kale, sunflower sprouts & mixed field greens, avocado, spiced macadamias & hemp seeds and citrus hemp dressing.

Café Blossom (466 Columbus Avenue) has a few locations around the city; I’ve been to their Upper West Side location a couple times now and it has yet to disappoint.   Both times I’ve ordered garlic herb gnocchi with sautéed Brussels sprouts, white bean puree, and fresh lemon.  And both times, my boyfriend and I have also split a slice of their giant chocolate cake, which will rock your socks off. 

Candle Café (2427 Broadway) has become one of my mom and my go-to spots when we want a nice night out, just the two of us.  I’ve never ordered a dish there I didn’t like; their chili grilled tofu with quinoa-vegetable pilaf and sautéed kale over a black bean sauce comes served with avocado salad and has such an interesting mix of flavors and textures.  They also have a notable organic wine and beer list, if you’re so inclined. 

After your meal, stroll a block East for a scoop at Lula’s Sweet Apothecary (516 East 6th Street), an all-vegan ice cream shop that will make you nostalgic for bowties and barbershop quartets. 

Yum! Gotta plan my next trip!