The Art of Eating In

This has been the busiest fall season since college, and I’m pretty much grasping at anything that keeps me sane. Cooking has always been one of those things, and with my schedule these days, I really relish the rare opportunity to cook myself a proper meal. Grocery store prepackaged/chopped vegetables always perplex me because I find the act of preparing my meal so cathartic. So here’s my little lesson for fully appreciating a night on my own…

1. Remove all restrictive and otherwise uncomfortable garments. Ideally, you’ll just don your pajamas at this point–it’ll save you time later, and no one will see you in your yummy sushi pajamas anyway. (That was a Buffy reference for those of you that are paying attention).

2. Get your apron on. If you do not own an adorable apron, immediately go out and purchase one.

3. Pour yourself a nice big glass of wine. Refill when required.

4. Start chopping! I had a lot of random veggies to use up, so I did an easy sauté with a mix of yellow peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, carrots, tomatoes and garlic.

5. Round out your cooked veggies with spices, S&P, and a grain of some sort (I had red quinoa prepared in the fridge already), and top with a few poached eggs (made with these poachpods) for some protein. Refrain from making boob jokes.

6. Refill your wine and settle down to watch ______ (fill in the blank). Something trashy is always good, but you could be really ambitious and watch a documentary to feel smart.

7. Now, this is important. EAT DESSERT. You deserve ice cream. But not only ice cream–the best ice cream on the face of the planet.

8. Revel in how awesome that was. Pencil in another date with yourself for next week. Same time, same place.