The trees are looking a little naked

View from my rooftop before the storm. I don’t have an “after” because, well, it’s kind of a dreary day today.

Afternoon! My neighborhood has borne the wake of Hurricane Sandy quite marvelously, and I’m happy to report that I suffered from nary a flicker during the storm, although it seems like there are more leaves on the ground now than there are on the trees! It’s been a nice break having 2 “rain days” from work, but I expect that the city is eager to get back to its usual pace. I hope that everyone is doing okay; good luck to anyone out there that is recovering or rebuilding from the storm.

As you might expect, being holed up during one of the worst storm/hurricane/crazy weather events of the century didn’t really allow me to go out to eat. Alas, I really have nothing to report on the dining out front except to say that I had another marvelous meal at Oyamel (they did that awesome menu thing again!), and I had an unfortunate run-in with cornmeal on the bottom of a pizza at District of Pi. I soldiered on through the pizza (who was I to abandon the sweet prosciutto, tangy arugula and creamy goat cheese that adorned that pie?), but my stomach was obnoxiously cranky the next day.

But, fall is here, and that always makes me smile. I love the change in season, and all the good changes that come with it–crisp days, crunchy leaves, slow-cooked soups, and an unending array of baked goods that involve pumpkin. Here’s a few things I’ve been making myself lately…

Lemon-massaged kale salad with red onions, slivered almonds, honey crisp apple slices, dried cherries and pecorino romano cheese.

Red quinoa croquettes made with grated carrot and zucchini, onion and garlic. Inspired by this recipe.

Gingersnaps! I made these for a friend’s birthday party, and they turned out fabulously! Find the recipe here.

Once this week dies down, I’m planning on making some pumpkin curry soup, bake some pumpkin cookies, and perhaps prepare some pumpkin spice overnight oats for my breakfasts. (Are you sensing a theme here?)


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